Hello and welcome to another edition of This Month in Solid!

Solid is a set of open specifications, built on existing open standards, that describes how to build applications in such a way that users can conveniently switch between data storage providers and application providers and take the data generated along.

This is a monthly summary of Solid progress.

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There have been a few new articles about Solid:

Solid Events are run by people like you, read more about tips on organising a successful Solid Event here or chat with other attendees and organisers.

There have been several more Solid Events:


Solid Amsterdam
By Jeroen van Beele


Solid Berlin
By Christian Buggedei


Solid San Francisco
By Travis Vachon

There have been several talks on Solid around the world:


By Alice Poggioli


By Jonas Smedegaard


By Davi Ottenheimer


Solid CERN
By Maria Dimou, Sarven Capadisli, and Mitzi László


By Pieter van Everdingen

There are a few upcoming events where you can learn more and meet others working on Solid:

Have you seen any articles or talks about Solid this week? If you’ve seen any talks, articles, or written blog posts about Solid please do send them over for next week.


The landing page has been redesigned, and most other pages have received a small touch-up. Additionally, most content has undergone editing to ensure the information is relevant and free of typos. All in all, the starting point for all things Solid should be more pleasant to use now.

Developer Tools

Apps, Pods, and Identity Providers

If you have any new apps, Pods, or identity providers, or there are updates to existing Solid implementations, make sure to add them to the list so they get included in next week’s edition. Here are a few updates on implementations of Solid:

  • Social app
  • Darcy Ibex got made in a hackathon. Darcy Ibex is a prototype social media stream based entirely on Solid
  • Pod Homepage, a potential homepage for your Solid Pod (Live Example).
  • Solidarity is the start of a new chat forum project based on LongChat and inbox
  • Golf Course Assistant is an app where golfers can track their score on the course. Built with the solid-react SDK.
  • Portal is a competely new data browser that allows you to explore your personal data in SoLiD Pod.Concept (GitHub) is an embarrassingly simple clone of notion.so built on Solid. Currently very much in alpha.
  • Webbook

Job Openings

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