These Solid-compatible apps will store your data on your own Pod.

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Apps inclusion and exclusion criteria

The criteria for an app to be Solid-compatible are:

  • If identifying users is necessary, they must be able to login using their WebID and pointing to the Identity Provider of their choice
  • Data consumed by the app should be fetched from Solid Pods if possible
  • Data generated by the app should be stored in Solid Pods
  • The interaction between the app, pods, and Identity Provider(s) must be compliant with the Solid specification

Please note that apps falling into the following categories will not be listed on this page, even if they match the criteria above:

  • Apps intentionally or indirectly causing harm to anyone
  • Apps with a purpose that could be widely considered unethical
  • Apps designed to enable the generation and/or dissemination of hate speech
  • Apps encouraging stereotypes or violent behaviours towards any person or group
  • Apps having malicious intent, such as data theft
  • Apps designed to fullfill illegal purposes, such as drug traffic, stolen information exchange, extorsion…
  • Apps sharing users’ information with any third-party without user consent
  • Apps that have been reported to have important technical or security issues that compromise its users’ Pods

Want to add an eligible Solid-compatible app to this list? Contact the Solid Manager via or submit a submit a pull request.

Disclaimer: The list above does not represent an endorsement by the Solid Project. The apps on the list do not undergo any testing at this time, and there is no guarantee of security or quality implied by their inclusion on this list. The goal of the list is to showcase the vibrancy of the Solid community and encourage early app builders to collaborate and learn from each other. If you believe one of the apps below is insecure or non-functional and should be removed from the list, please raise an issue here and tag the app’s creator or maintainer. If the creator or maintainer of the app does not respond within 24 hours to indicate that they will fix the problem, a Solid Creator will remove the app from the listing.