Solid Events

Solid Events provide an opportunity to meet others who are working on Solid or are interested in Solid. Solid Events are run by people like you. If you are interested in coordinating a Solid Event near you, reach out to the Solid Manager at

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Solid Events are moving online for the foreseeable future. Join Solid World on the _second_ Thursday of every month at 1000 ET.

2022 Events

Date Event Organiser Recordings, Slides and Notes
2022-02-10 Solid World Solid Team Register for the event over on Eventbrite. Agenda will be announced shortly on Eventbrite.
2022-01-13 Solid World Solid Team Solid World Recording
Sarven Capadisli, W3C Solid Community Group Chair and Solid Editor, presented the recent milestone release of Solid Protocol Version 0.9.
Ruben Verborgh, Professor of decentralized Web technology at Ghent University, presented a vision on access, query and search across the decentralized Web, and the role that Web APIs play therein.
All links from the meetup are shared on Solid Forum

2021 Events

Date Event Organiser Recordings, Slides and Notes
2021-11-04 Solid World Solid Team Solid World Recording
Timea Turdean gave an update about SolidOS - the operating system for Solid. SolidOS code home:
Justin Bingham gave an update on the data interoperability panel.
Jeff Zucker explained the new Solid Glossary welcoming to newcomers. The glossary contains libraries, essential tools, documentation, and community topics.
2021-10-21 Solid Implementer Feedback Session Solid Team The Solid Editorial Team would like to increase communication with community members who are actively implementing Solid compliant server or client technologies. This session is open to the public, and we welcome everyone to attend this session. However, in an effort to maintain focus on the stated goals of the session, only individuals who are actively engaged in implementing Solid compliant server or client technologies will be queued to speak. To actively participate, an implementer must: 1. Be a member of the Solid Community Group 2. RSVP in advance to Must be able to cite active implementation work. Legitimate citations include links to Github repositories, links to product descriptions on websites, or otherwise credible explanation of active work efforts. Implementers are encouraged to submit questions, issues, or topics in advance to This may be included in the RSVP, or sent separately afterwards. Minutes will be recorded, and posted to
2021-10-07 Solid World Solid Team Solid World Recording, Schedule a Solid Project Review:, Join Inrupt’s Developer Workshop, Tani’s Presentation: Website, Waitlist, Email:; Enno’s Presentation: His slides, Strategy, GitHub repo, Maintiner app link, Presentation App, Contact Email:; Maria’s & Jan’s Presentation: Slides, CERN-Solid document index, Chat, The completed PoC Project description, Indico, The PoC Project repo: Comment module, Indico Registration autocomplete, CERN mirror of the repo, The current Follow-up project, Policy document for a CERN Solid server
2021-09-02 Solid World Solid Team Solid World Recording; Ruben Presentation Links: Community Solid Server Gitter, Support for authorizing groups of people, Demo project for how to create your module, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) support, and Public instance of the Community Solid Server; Jackson’s Presentation: Interesting Chat
2021-08-10 Women of Solid Virginia Balseiro Marrelle Bailey was the hostess.
Talks: Marrelle Bailey “You Matter As You”, Juliette Carter The BBC and Solid.
Maria Dimou CERN-Solid Proof of Concept.
Additional links: You Matter As You slides, The BBC and Solid slides, CERN-Solid Proof of Concept slides.
2021-08-05 Solid World Solid Team Recording
Also Notes by attendant Maria Dimou
Ruben’s Update: Community server & installation guide
Oz Update: Compability Survey
Jeff’s presentation
Kyra Assaad’s presentation; DEI Team Gitter; Kyra’s Twitter
Sarven’s Presentation
2021-07-01 Solid World Solid Team Recording
2021-06-21 NLnet; NGI webinar on Linked Data NLnet foundation  
2021-06-21 DI2F: Decentralising The Internet With IPFS and Filecoin Aalto University, Finland Solid over the Interplanetary File System
Fabrizio Parrillo (U. Basel, Switzerland), Christian F Tschudin (U. Basel, Switzerland)
2021-06-03 Solid World Solid Team Recording
Also Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
Tim’s Flanders Press: Read about the news from Flanders; Digita: Digita Resources and Reuse Patterns; Swedish Public Employment Service: Proof of Concept (PoC)
2021-05-27 Your Personal Linked Data Graphs with Solid Lotico  
2021-05-07 Understory Digital Garden Club — Solid Understory  
2021-05-06 Solid World May Solid Team Recording
Also Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
Jackson Morgan’s links: Liqid Chat Demo, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Client Repo API Repo.
Christian Buggedei’s links:, Help Needed.
Aaron Coburn’s and Jack Lawson’s links: Notifications Demo, PodBrowser, Docs.
2021-04-01 Solid World April Solid Team Recording
Also Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
Tim’s talk: Web’s 32nd Birthday.
Oz’s talk: Survey for the Universal API.
Graphmetrix’ talk: Website, sign up for a Trin Pod.
Nextcloud/PDS Interop’s talk: PDS Interop Website, PDS Interop, Yvo Brevoort, Solid Test Suite, PHP Solid Server, Nextcloud Solid Server, slides.
Spoter.Me’s talk: homepage.
2021-03-22 Women of Solid Virginia Balseiro Marrelle Bailey was the hostess.
Virginia Balseiro gave us a short introduction to Solid, Timea Turdean talked about RDF.
Sharon Stratsianis told us about SolidOS.
Hindia M. Mohammed presented on the authentication process in Solid.
Recording for the first Women of Solid Meetup is up on YouTube.
Additional links: Introduction to Solid slides, RDF in Solid slides, SolidOS slides, Authentication in Solid slides.
2021-03-04 Solid World March Solid Team Recording. Also Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
Community Spotlights: Virginia Balseiro who created Women of Solid and Digita for their introduction videos.
Ruben Verborgh gave an update on Community Solid Server (CSS) (mentioned links: his chat from his pod).
Osmar Olivo asked for feedback on Pod Spaces.
LifeScope presented what they’re working on (slides).
Creafree (slides).
2021-02-04 Solid World February Solid Team Recording. Also, Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
Tim Berners-Lee’s Update: New York Times and Reuters Next conference.
Ruben Verborgh’s update on Community Solid Server: recipes.
Osmar Olivo update on Node.js support: Inrupt Solid Client Libraries.
Noel DeMartin’s Presentation: Slides, Media Kraken, journal.
Jasmine Leonard’s Presentation: Slides, PodExplorer, Solid Forum, Solid Website, GitHub Repos.
Hindia Mohammed’s Presentation: Ekseli
2021-01-07 Solid World January Solid Team Recording.
Resources from event: Solid Operating System (OS) Roadmap, Community Solid Server (CSS), Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS), Ruben’s Code for the lights, Specifications, Specifications Panels (open to all).

2020 Events

Date Event Organiser Recordings, Slides and Notes
2020-12-29 Solid Networking December Jackson Morgan  
2020-12-03 Solid World December Solid Team Recording. From Ruben’s presentation: the Community Server, Ruben’s live list with his CSS Pod. From CERN’s presentation: slides, Indico source code and the Indico webpage. The Data Village website. Digita’s Inox.
2020-11-05 Solid World November Solid Team Full recording. Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
2020-10-01 Solid World October Solid Team Recording of Inrupt demonstrating their React SDK. Recording of Janeiro Digital demonstrating their work on Personal Health Stores for the NHS. Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
2020-09-03 Solid World September Solid Team Recording and slides: Community Solid Server update (Ruben V.)
2020-08-06 Solid World August Solid Team Recording and slides: Community Solid Server (Ruben V.), Community Roadmap (Tim B.L.). Notes by attendant Maria Dimou.
2020-07-02 Solid World July Solid Team Recording and Slides
2020-06-04 Solid World June Solid Team Recording
2020-05-07 Solid World May Solid Team Recording
2020-04-02 Solid World April Solid Team Recording
2020-03-05 Solid Toronto Li Lu  
2020-02-20 Solid San Francisco Travis Vachon -
2020-02-19 Solid Oviedo Alejandro Juan García recording and slides
2020-02-18 Solid Barcelona Noel De Martin slides
2020-02-10 Solid Berlin Christian Buggedei  
2020-01-30 Solid Amsterdam Jeroen van Beele  
2020-01-07 Solid Khartoum Ali Siragedien recording

Earlier Events

Date Event Organiser Recordings, Slides and Notes
2019-12-10 Solid Enschede Erwin Folmer  
2019-11-20 Solid London Kartika Tulusan  
2019-11-21 Solid Montreal David H Mason  
2019-10-26 Solid London Kartika Tulusan  
2019-10-11 Solid Copenhagen Sarmad Reda  
2019-10-10 Solid Amsterdam Jeroen van Beele  
2019-09-12 Solid Berlin Christian Buggedei  
2019-07-20 Solid Beijing Ivy Dom Solid Beijing 2019
2019-07-05 Solid San Jose John Bartas  
2019-06-28 Solid Hague Bart Roorda The PLDN, Linked Data, Solid Intro & Demo
2019-06-12 Solid Oviedo Jose Emilio Labra Gayo  
2019-05-29  Solid Berlin Christian Buggedei  
2019-05-22 Solid London Paul Worrall Inaugral Solid London Video
2019-05-13 Solid Toronto Li Lu  
2019-05-08 Solid New York Brian Cort  
2019-05-02 Solid Seattle Jon Pederson  
2019-04-09 Solid San Jose John Bartas  
2019-04-09 Solid Utrecht Pieter van Everdingen  
2019-03-27 Solid Berlin Christian Buggedei  
2019-03-22 Solid Boston Kelly O’Brien  
2019-03-21 Solid Boston Kelly O’Brien  
2019-02-20 Solid Saxony Team 4C  
2019-02-08 Solid Stockholm Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez  
2019-01-09 Solid Berlin Christian Buggedei  
2018-12-12 Solid Oslo Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez  
2018-12-11 Solid Utrecht Pierluigi Casale  
2018-12-05 Solid Boston Mitzi László  
2016-04-11 Solid Montreal International World Wide Web Conference