Solid Tools and Libraries

The basic building blocks for developing Solid apps include tools - software that supports development without programming - and libraries - collections of methods which can be used to build apps. Everyone is invited to contribute new tools and libraries.

Solid-specific Tools

  • Molid - a mock server that can be used for testing apps
  • Shighl - a tool that lets your write simply HTML/JavaScript to interact with a Solid Pod Session, Profile, Inbox, Chat… Session, Profile, Inbox, Chat…
  • Solid Data Kitchen - The solid databrowser technology as a stand-alone electron app
  • Solid Filemanager - A file manager for Solid pods
  • Solid IDE - GUI front-end for Solid document management and syntax-highlighting pod editor
  • Solid Local Pod Manager - serve parts of your local filesystem as a local pod
  • Solid Shell - command line, interactive shell, and batch processor for Solid document management
  • Visualization Lab - an experimental visualisation workbench built using Svelte

Solid-specific libraries


A typical Solid app will perform one or more of these functions using one of the associated libraries:

Beginning developers may want to start with one of the interface libraries which provide pre-built components. Advanced developers might want to look at Low Level Libraries.


  • Web::Solid::Auth - a Perl Solid-OIDC client with a command line tool and example app


  • solid-flask - simple “Hello World” Flask app that can read private data from a Solid pod


  • solid-warp - simple example of authenticated reads/writes to a Solid pod

How to contribute

If you have a new tool or library, or have suggested additions or changes for this page, please submit a PR or contact the team.