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Upcoming Talks

2020-02-07 Solid CERN is an internal event that may bring the place where Sir Tim invented the Web to the heart of the Web’s future by Maria Dimou

Past Talks Mentioning Solid


2019-12-11 MyData Madrid with Alejandro Juan García

2019-11-18 The Richard Dimbleby Lecture by Tim Berners-Lee: video

2019-11-14 ECP by Mitzi László & Pieter van Everdingen

2019-10-25 Redecentralize Sarven Capadisli

2019-10-24 Ada Lovelace Festival by Mitzi László

2019-10-23 Privacy by Design meetup by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-10-10 European Data Ethics Forum by Mitzi László

2019-10-04 Connected Data London: slides

2019-09-26 Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association by Sarven Capadisli: video & slides

2019-09-26 Waag Data Commons #1: Fietsdata by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-09-20 Aalborg University by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-09-15 NextCloud Conference by Mitzi László

2019-09-14 Linked Data Scholarship course at KU Leuven by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-09-12 KB session on Reinventing the Public Space by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-09-06 VIVO by Sarven Capadisli: slides

2019-08-11 by Angelo Veltens: slides & video

2019-07-02 Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA) by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-07-01 Berkman Klein by Mitzi László & Justin Bingham

2019-06-25 Postgress by Tim Berners-Less: video

2019-06-19 Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Week by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-05-28 Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-04-24 Symposium on FAIR Personal, Open and Distributed Data on the Web at the Institute of Data Science by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-04-10 GhentJS Meetup by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-04-09 Platform Linked Data Nederland by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-04-04 STRP Festival by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-03-28 T3chFest by Juan Lupión: video

2019-03-28 Beyond Data Event by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-03-06 Washington Post Live by Tim Berners-Lee: video

2019-03-05 OverWeb Meetup by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-02-19 OSLO Inspiratienamiddag by Ruben Taelman: slides

2019-02-07 Hackers & Founders by Mitzi László

2019-02-03 FOSDEM by Ruben Verborgh: slides & video)

2019-01-17 Connected Smart Cities Conference by Ruben Verborgh: slides


2018-12-14 Media Fast Forward by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2019-12-12 API Days Paris by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-10-27 MozFest by Tim Berners-Lee: video

2018-10-08 ISWC 2019 Workshop on Decentralising the Semantic Web by Tim Berners-Lee & Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-09-19 Linked Data Scholarship course at KU Leuven by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-09-14 Big Data in Media workshop at the European Big Data Value Forum by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-09-13 Web Foundation Seminar by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-09-06 OSLC Fest by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-08-23 ePIC by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-08-02 Decentralized Web Summit by Ruben Verborge: video & slides

2018-06-05 International Conference of the European Library Automation Group (ELAG) by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-05-28 - ACM Turing Lecture - Utopia to Dystopia in 29 short years

2018-05-15 EuropeanaTech by Ruben Verborgh: video & slides

2018-05-15 Connect by Tim Berners-Lee: video

2018-04-14 GraphQlL Day by Ruben Verborgh: video & slide

2018-04-28 - Researcher-Centric Scholarly Communication workshop at The Web Conf 2018 - Building a researcher-centric world on the user-centric platform, Solid

2018-03-22 Blockchain Core Summit by Ruben Verborgh: slides

2018-01-06 GoTo Conference by Tim Berners-Lee: video


2017-12-12 CNI Fall 2017 Meeting - Herbert van der Sompel


2016-07-08 Decentralised Web Summit by Tim Berners-Lee: video

2016-04-07 IPRI meeting: slides

2016-03-24 W3C Developers Meetup in Boston: slides


2015-10-18 Redecentralize conference - slide & video

2015-10-13 Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup: slides

2015-09-25 - slides & video

Mentions of Solid in Articles


2019-11-20 LSE Business Review: How to turn trust into a competitive advantage

2019-11-13 MRWeb: Berners-Lee Raises Funds to ‘Reimagine the Web’

2019-11-12 CIO: ‘Tech for humanity’ - Richard Corbridge digests Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Gartner Symposium CIO call to arms

2019-11-08 New American: Web 2.0 Was Hijacked and Broken by Big Tech. Privacy Pioneers Are Building a Better Web 3.0

2019-11-4 The Inquirer: Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Inrupt startup receives £5m investment

2019-10-29 Decrypt: Tim Berners-Lee marks Internet’s 50th with Contract for the Web

2019-10-28 Bostino: Meet Janeiro Digital CTO Justin Bingham

2019-10-26 Wall Street Journal: Tech Giants Have Hijacked the Web. It’s Time for a Reboot.

2019-10-23 PC Magazine: Tim Berners-Lee: IT Leaders Must Build Values into Their Companies and Systems

2019-10-11 Computing: Solid’s Ruben Verborgh: ‘We need competition based on quality of service not on data harvesting’

2019-09-16 Computing: Blockchain latest news: ICOs are not dead, but they’re certainly changing says Diacle

2019-09-13 Computing: Blockchain latest news: Santander unveils $20 million bond that lives on the Ethereum blockchain

2019-09-06 Medium: My Data! My Rules!

2019-09-02 El Pais: Privacidad: La ‘startup’ asturiana que ayuda al inventor de internet a crear la nueva web

2019-08-29 Scotsman: Accelerating the pace of change for data ownership

2019-08-18 Coin Telegraph: Would Blockchain Better Protect User Data Than FaceApp? Experts Answer

2019-08-08 Innovation Excellence: Inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, Has Launched a New Startup

2019-08-02 CMS wire:Gartner Describes CDO v4.0, Microsoft Axes Skype for Business Online and Other News

2019-08-01 Gadgetbridge: Apple signs up for the Data Transfer Project: Find out more

2019-08-01 TechDirt: Don’t Let This Get Lost In The Shuffle: The Data Transfer Project Is Expanding, And Could Help Create Real Competition Online

2019-07-31 The Verge: Brain-computer interfaces are developing faster than the policy debate around them

2019-07-31 Joy Online: Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project

2019-07-31 Medium: The future of the decentralized web

2019-07-30 Medium: 9 Components of the Decentralised Ecosystem that we Need to Build a Decentralised Society

2019-07-30 Apple Insider: Apple joins Data Transfer Project with other cloud service giants

2019-07-30 PYMNTS: Apple Is Joining The Data Transfer Project

2019-07-30 The Verge: Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project

2019-07-29 Linked Research Decentralised Web

2019-07-26 Civil Service World: Opinion: Think Britain beats the world on digital services? Think again. China rules the digital waves

2019-07-24 La Vanguardia: ¿Internet está averiado? Tim Berners-Lee y otros están intentando repararlo

2019-07-22 Medium: How to Ensure Your Privacy in a Data-Driven Future

2019-07-21 NBC News: These technologists think the internet is broken. So they’re building another one.

2019-07-18 BAI: Getting real with digital innovation

2019-07-17 Vator TV: MeWe CEO Mark Weinstein on how his company is positioning itself as the anti-Facebook

2019-07-16 B2B NN: Tim Berners-Lee’s Memories of Creating the Web Involve at Least 3 Classic B2B Scenarios

2019-07-16 AmericanInno: ‘One Giant Leap for Mankind’: These Eight Boston Companies Are Working on Moonshots of Their Own

2019-07-16 CMO Australia: Online consumer tracking and the challenges for marketing

2019-07-11 Medium: It’s Time to Rebuild the Internet

2019-07-02 Programmable Web: Self-Hosted Personal Data is Key to Four Promising Facebook Alternatives

2019-06-25 Mercola: Google buries Mercola in their latest search engine update, Part 2 of 2

2019-06-21 The Record: Reinventing the World Wide Web

2019-06-17 Shaping Linked Data apps

2019-06-14 Faro de Vigo: Miitzi László: “No hay inteligencia artificial, solo es una extensión de la humana”

2019-06-13 Computing: Blockchain latest news: Zilliqa’s smart contracts and Facebook’s crypto tease

2019-06-12 Next Billion Seconds Podcast: Episode 3.09 The Future of the Web with Sean White

2019-06-10 Medium: Here’s what NNG got wrong about Privacy (+ Lessons learned from Game of Thrones Season 8)

2019-06-10 La Nueva Española: Entrega del premio “Solid” entre los estudiantes de Informática

2019-06-07 Medium: DID: The Future of Identity

2019-06-06 Technology Things: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-06-06 Ethan Zuckerman’s Blog: Sir Tim versus Black Mirror

2019-06-05 Singulariy Hub: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-06-03 Media Post:Can Dweb Save The Internet?

2019-05-29 Information Age: Post GDPR and the ownership of data

2019-05-28 Asia Time: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-05-28 Stuff: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-05-26 News Central: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-05-24 Times of Malta: GenTechs are getting frustrated and disillusioned with digital technology

2019-05-22 The Conversation:Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-05-22 Phys: Revolt on the horizon? How young people really feel about digital technology

2019-05-20 PYMNTS: Tim Berners-Lee On Building A New Web

2019-05-19 Computing: Blockchain latest news: By ignoring crypto Berners-Lee’s Solid is missing a trick, says Web 3 investor

2019-05-19 ZDNet: Breaking up Facebook? Try data literacy, social engineering, personal knowledge graphs, and developer advocacy

2019-05-16 Know Stuff: Breaking up Facebook? Try data literacy, social engineering, personal knowledge graphs, and developer advocacy

2019-05-11 Financial Mirror: Inventor of the internet looking to build safer new web

2019-05-11 De Tijd

2019-05-04 Seattle Star: Thinking About Regulating the Online Space? Focus on Decentralizing Power

2019-05-02 ICT Works: Democratizing Access to Data is the Next Frontier in International Development

2019-04-01 BTC Wires: What Does Article 13 Mean For Crypto Industry?

2019-04-02 CNET: Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants to give you your data back

2019-04-03 Information Age: Tim Berners-Lee on the World Wide Web: “it seemed like a good idea at the time”

2019-04-04 Capita Customer Management: 8 ways data will change and impact business in the next three years

2019-04-05 How a chess app interacts with Solid

2019-04-05 ZDNet: Solid, l’idée de Tim Berners-Lee pour reprendre le contrôle des données

2019-04-05 Medium: Why Internet failed and how we can fix it

2019-04-05 Bitcoin News: What Article 13 Means for the Cryptocurrency Industry

2019-04-05 MSN: Tim Berners-Lee Says We’ve Messed Up The Internet But It Can Be Fixed

2019-04-05 LifeHacker AU: Tim Berners-Lee Says We’ve Messed Up The Internet But It Can Be Fixed

2019-04-07 Venture Beat: A Pod world: How you’d trade your data for services over a decentralized internet

2019-04-12 Open Democracy: Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century

2019-04-12 Amadeus: Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid approach to rescuing the web from algorithms

2019-04-19 GeekWire: GeekWire Calendar Picks: Open source project led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee; mastering startup pitches; and more

2019-04-19 Uphindia: 30 yrs later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet

2019-04-23 Future Scot: The small company from Troon which has got the attention of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Hollywood. And Scotland? Not so much.

2019-04-24 Forbes: The Best Way to Avoid Data Leaks and Privacy Scandals: Don’t Own Consumer Data

2019-03-27 Phocus Wire: Tim Berners-Lee laments state of the web but offers hope for travel brands

2019-03-27 BostInno: Exclusive: Meet the Nominees of This Year’s NEVY Awards

2019-03-26 Computer Weekly: Web inventor wants a web built on solid data principles

201903-26 The Register: FAANGs for the memories: Breaking up big tech’s biggest isn’t a matter of if, but of when

2019-03-25 Tech Cabal: At 30, the Web is Attempting to Find its Way Back Home

2019-03-23 Forbes: Sir Tim Berners-Lee At Forefront Of New Movement To Takeback Ownership Of Our Data

2019-03-22 Medium: The Academics of Investing in AI

2019-03-22 Little Black Book: Gain Back Your Privacy with a Decentralised Internet

2019-03-21 GDN Online: Internet died in 2014…

2019-03-19 BostInno: The Beat, Tuesday, March 19, 2019

2019-03-29 DZone: The Year of the Graph Newsletter: March 2019

2019-03-18 MIT News: Tim Berners-Lee named FT “Boldness in Business” Person of the Year

2019-03-17 The Times: Tim Berners-Lee calls for a fight for ‘the kind of web we want’

2019-03-15 API Best in Class: What is Solid? Decentralized Web? Tim Berners-Lee is up to something again.

2019-03-14 Fast Company: T Bone Burnett rips Big Tech “surveillance capitalists” in blistering SXSW keynote

2019-03-14 Financial Times: Sustainable businesses should be ‘long-term greedy’

2019-03-14 Financial Times: Boldness in Business person of the year: Sir Tim Berners-Lee

2019-03-14 Hiltop Monitor: World Wide Web Celebrates 30th Anniversary

2019-03-14 DisrupTec: Privacy – remember John Lennon?

2019-03-13 PYMNTS: The World Wide Web Turns 30

2019-03-12 Inverse: World Wide Web: 3 Other Acts by Tim Berners-Lee That Shaped the Internet

2019-03-12 CERN: Web@30: reliving history and rethinking the future

2019-03-12 The Sun: WORLD WIDE WOW Who is Sir Tim Berners-Lee and when did he invent the World Wide Web?

2019-03-12 World Economic Forum: 4 ways the web has changed our lives – and will shape our future

2019-03-12 Verdict: 30 years after Tim Berners-Lee created the web, is it too late to fix it?

2019-03-12 Japan Times: Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee urges users to seek ‘complete control’ of data

2019-03-12 Engadget: The World Wide Web at 30

2019-03-11 Financial Times: Tim Berners-Lee on reshaping the web

2019-03-11 Financial Times: The web has fallen under the influence of a bad crowd

2019-03-10 Techonomy; Why Banks Could Be Your Ally for Managing Identity

2019-03-06 RTL Today; 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 CNET: Tim Berners-Lee still believes the web can be fixed, even today

2019-03-05 Daily Mail: 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 France 24: 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 L’Echo: 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 Inquirer: 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-05 Yahoo News: 30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

2019-03-01 Medium: What Would More Democratic A.I. Look Like?

2019-02-26 [Communications of ACM:cience in Europe: Beyond Boundaries]](

2019-03-30 How a chess app interacts with Solid

2019-02-05 Financial Express: Open up to open-source

2019-02-14 Washington Post: Washington Post Live hosts exclusive interview with Tim Berners-Lee

2019-02-15 Mac Observer: Sir Tim Berners-Lee Wants to Fix the Web with New Startup

2019-02-19 Make Money with Google: Tomorrow’s Data Heroes

2019-02-19 News Broadcast Network: Highlights & transcript from Zuckerberg’s 20K-word ethics talk

2019-02-20 TechCrunch: Highlights & transcript from Zuckerberg’s 20K-word ethics talk

2019-02-20 Online Tech Tips: Highlights & transcript from Zuckerberg’s 20K-word ethics talk

2019-02-21 LearninPub: Highlights & transcript from Zuckerberg’s 20K-word ethics talk – TechCrunch

2019-02-22 Forbes: Becoming The Masters Of Our Own Digital Destinies

2019-02-22 Cryptoglobe: Mark Zuckerberg Considering Using Blockchain to Make Facebook More Decentralized

2019-02-27 ITWeb: Trends 2019: Time to clean up your data act

2019-02-28 Cryptoglobe: Facebook Reportedly Talking to Exchanges About Listing Its New Cryptocurrency

2019-01-29 The Next Web: Digital trends 2019: Every single stat you need to know about the internet

2019-01-29 BBC: Meet the data guardians taking on the tech giants

2019-01-29 Techristic: Digital Trends 2019: Every Single Stat You Need To Know About The Internet

2019-01-29 Dundee Messenger: Facebook and Google: The data guardians fight back

2019-01-26 Maximus and Me: Wisdom Of The Week

2019-01-25 My Mac: Essential Apple Podcast 120: The Bob is back in town

2019-01-21 MIT Technology Review

2019-01-19 Security Boulevard: Client Applications: A Hacker’s Easiest Target?

2019-01-10 Medium: Building The SAFE Network in 2018

2019-01-09 Ignitiate: A Historical Design Point - Off The Shelf Quantum Computers & Full Brain Access & Just Like Netscape in 1994

2019-01-19 SD Times: Solid’s data decentralization vision will change the way we interact with applications

2019-01-08 Ask Bob Rankin: Can You Sell Your Digital Soul for Cash?

2019-01-06 The Guardian: Together we can thwart the big-tech data grab. Here’s how

2019-01-04 The Telegraph: Microsoft tests project to hand people control over their online data

2019-01-03 The web is broken. We need to fix it

2019-01-03 AEI Ideas: The future of privacy policy: A Q&A with author David Brin

2018-12-31 NRC - Herstelwerk aan het kapotte internet