Switch between storage and apps
while taking the data along

Find out why you'll love Solid


Like peas in a Pod

Your Pod is where you store your data. Pods and apps are separate but compatible so you are free to change apps while keeping your data. For example, if you want to switch messaging app you can take your contacts and chat history along easily, as long as both apps support Solid.

The last login you'll ever need

Your WebID changes the power dynamic. You call the shots: instead of creating an account for each app, have each app find your account. On top of that, your WebID makes it possible for people to connect to you, no matter what Solid apps they are using.


Open specifications built on open standards

Websites, you can browse them on any device and with a browser you choose. Solid gives you that same choice, but for data: you can pick the apps you trust to handle your personal data. To realize such unprecedented interoperability, Solid uses the same recipe as the Web: following open standards and specifications. Anyone is welcome to join the standardisation process.

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