A standard that makes the web work for you
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Why you'll love Solid

Move freely between services

Switch to the best tools and take your data with you.

Reuse data across apps

Stop re-entering the same data again and again by recycling data from app to app

Connect with anyone

Connect to your friends no matter what app they are using.

Select what you share precisely

Give access to the bare minimum of data needed for the service to work.

Like peas in a Pod

Your Pod is where you store your data. Pods and apps are always separate and compatible meaning you are free to pick and choose and change your mind while still keeping your data. For example, if you want to switch messaging app you can take your contacts and chat history along easily. Get started with using Solid or find out more by reading the FAQs.

Single Sign-On

Login with WebID to use Solid. Similar to email, WebID allows you to connect to anyone else no matter who their identity provider is. When you login with WebID, you and only you and where you are signing into knows about it. Get started by signing up for a WebID.

Solid is a standard

The web was designed to make it possible for information – data – to transfer conveniently no matter where you are or what device you are using. Today data is used as a bargaining chip to lock you in. Solid is a standard that describes how to build storage, apps, and identification in such a way that you can conveniently connect and switch without losing data. If you are interested in the standardisation process, contributions are welcome.