1st August 2019

Hello and welcome to another edition of This Month in Solid!

Solid is a set of open specifications, built on existing open standards, that describes how to build applications in such a way that users can conveniently switch between data storage providers and application providers and take the data generated along.

This is a monthly summary of Solid progress.

Want something mentioned? Contact the Solid Manager at info@solidproject.org. This Month in Solid is openly developed on GitHub. If you find any errors in this month’s issue please submit a pull request.

Updates from the Solid Community

In the W3C Solid Community Call there was a conversation about making sure all repositories in the Solid GitHub are active with clear descriptions of what they are for and who is working for and to archive inactive repositories. If you are working on Solid GitHub repositories please have a look at the repo overview to make sure your work is correctly represented and that all the information is up to date.

News & Blog Posts

Have you seen any articles about Solid this week? If you’ve seen any articles or written blog posts about Solid please do send them over for next week.

Culture Conversations

There are several process proposals to which you can suggest improvements.

You can apply to roles by submitting a pull request to the .md file of the role you are applying to in the culture repository. You can view the open applications to roles.

Once these have been approved it will be possible to carry through the editorial process. For now panels are working on developing proposals for review which you are encouraged to join in with.

Panel Conversation to Generate Proposals

Solid Panels are groups of individuals focused on a specific problem or domain relevant to Solid, with an aim to propose changes to the Solid Specification, Solid Roadmap, and/or Supporting Documentation. Anyone may join a panel or suggest a new panel by submitting a pull request.

This week the Privacy and Individuals Rights Protection Panel was started.

Here is an overview of active panel conversations this week.

Panel Conversation about the Solid Specification

Proposal Panel
Proposal: Support COPY use case, Add CORS section, Write CORS section, Add that a pod server MAY be an Identity Provider, Proposal: Support COPY use case Specification Entry Document Panel
Add security entries for all places where external content is fetched Cryptography (Signing and Encryption) Panel
- PR to add the Common Core Ontology and Request to add the Common Core Ontology to the namespace merged Data Interoperability
Remove SPARQL on GET, Explain current document status, Discuss returning 404 for privacy reasons, Various Documentation improvements, Discuss and align definitions of data pod, app, etc., Add URI Normalization , Add time constraints to WAC rules, Clarify where new acl files should be created, API methods for copy/move/rename ————-

Panel Conversation about the Solid Roadmap

Proposal Panel
several proposals were submitted and are still being worked on Explaining the Vision Panel

Panel Conversation about Supporting Documentation

There were no proposals for the supporting documentation this week.

There was no activity in the following panels:

Panel Proposals for Editorial Review

Anyone may propose improvements by submitting proposals for the Solid Specification, Solid Roadmap, or Supporting Documentation. Submitted proposals are reviewed through an editorial process before they are accepted.

Below are a list of proposals that are ready for editorial review. If you are part of a panel and want to add a proposal for editorial review submit a pull request to add them to the list below.

This week there are no proposals ready for editorial review.

Reviewed Solid Proposals

Candidate proposals to the Solid Specification, Solid Roadmap, or Supporting Documentation submitted for review go through an editorial process before they are accepted. You can read more about the details of the submission and review process of proposals here. This week the roles are still being reviewed so the editorial process is on hold.

Node Solid Server Project

New and Updated Apps, Pods, and Identity Providers

If you have any new apps, Pods, or identity providers make sure to add them to the list so they get included in next weeks edition.

This week there was a new app:

There have also been updates to:

  • vue-solid-plugin allowing you to load data from the Type Registry extremely easily! See the README for all the details. Still a version 0 plugin, so things may be changing, but it’s usable for sure. NPM Package

Upcoming Events

Solid Events are run by members of the Solid community like you. Solid Event organisers write tips for a organising successful Solid events here

There are no upcoming events confirmed although there are possible event organisers in Solid Amsterdam and Solid San Francisco coming up.

Until next week!

Mitzi László

This Month in Solid