Hello and welcome to another edition of This Month in Solid!

Solid is a set of open specifications, built on existing open standards, that describes how to build applications in such a way that users can conveniently switch between data storage providers and application providers and take the data generated along.

This is a monthly summary of Solid progress.

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Solid World is an opportunity to meet people who are interested in or currently working on Solid.

A big thank you to Travis Vachon, David Faveris, and Astrid Gamoneda for presenting at the first Solid World last Thursday.

In the first talk, Travis Vachon from the USA presented a Solid app called Concept. Concept is a Google Docs equivalent that allows users to control their data. Travis built the concept with the aim to allow grassroots campaigns to organise themselves. Patch and WebSockets allowed for rudimentary collaborative editing, and now Travis wants to focus on embedding calendars and spreadsheets.

In the second talk, David Faveris from France presented a Solid app called Solidarity. Solidarity is a chat app built using the Shighl library, which fills the gap between the Solidarity UI and Solid Pods. David worked closely with designer Julian Cole who has been working with Shighl to allow for easy installation and minimal dependencies while working with linked data.

In the third talk, Astrid Gamoneda Arrunada from Spain presented a Solid app called OhMyPod! developed by Empathy. OhMyPod! has a file management system with the ability to add friends with personal profiles. OhMyPod! is built using Inrupt React Generator, LDflex library and solid-file-client library. Astrid also looked at rdflib, which she found powerful but complicated and somewhat slow.

If you missed Solid World you can watch the recording here.

The next Solid World will happen soon on the 7th May 2020. If you have any content requests or would like to present at the next Solid world email mitzil@inrupt.com.

In Other News

Darcy, a Solid-based open social platform led by Christian Buggedei won a €10k seed award from Mozilla, and he will be speaking at Solid World May.

Solid Implementations


External Grants

SIDN Fonds has a grant called Je Data de Baas and there is an EU initiative called DAPSI that could be suitable for Solid app projects.

If you know of more grants that could be interesting for the Solid community submit a pull request to let others know about it via the next edition.

Job Openings

  • Digita is hiring a Full Stack Developer and a Linked Data Principal. Email tom@digita.ai for more information.

  • Inrupt is hiring a DevOps Engineer and Technical Writer. Email jobs@inrupt.com for more information.

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