4 February 2021 - Here’s the update from Solid World. We started the month off by hearing the ins and outs of applications using Solid as their backend. Last Thursday, we got to learn from presenters how to use applications in different facets.

We got to understand the excitement that this brings to our community by Tim Berners-Lee. The community is growing. New individuals are building a way for themselves, and we see their creations developing into some great applications. As we continue to grow, we need to keep up the momentum by supporting our builders and our community members. We saw a significant increase in activity this month due to recent press attention. Tim was recently featured in New York Times and spoke at the Reuters Next conference. Like we said in January’s Solid World, our foundation is there. Now it’s time to develop.

Ruben Verborgh shared a helpful resource he created for the Community Solid Server, its recipes for interoperability. Osmar Olivo, VP of Product for Inrupt, let us know there is now Node.js support for Inrupt’s Solid Client Libraries. If you want to hear or see it in detail, you can watch the recording of Solid World here.

Three presenters gave us an idea of just what it’s like to create a Solid application. Our first presenter Noel DeMartin gave us a demo of Media Kraken. Noel showcased the different ways you can log into and store the media/entertainment data in the application and on your computer. One of the significant aspects of the presentation was when Noel opened the door for other applications to interoperate with Media Kraken. One thing that makes Solid unique is creating interoperability between all servers, clients, and applications. Noel’s presentation reminds us of how possible it is. He is also a great point of reference when starting. If you’re new, check out his journal.

Next, Jasmine Leonard presented PodExplorer. Jasmine is new to the Solid community, joining in late 2020. While learning how to get engaged with Solid she built her application. When using the app, you can access data from your pod, upload, delete and view various files. During the presentation, Jasmine shared a few resources that helped build the PodExplorer—mentioning places like the Solid Forum, Solid Website, and GitHub Repos. In the future, Jasmine expects to add additional functionality to PodExplorer, such as: bulk actions, managing the access of data, and finding files in your pod.

Finally, Hindia Mohammed from Ekseli gave us a business to business (B2B) view of applications. Hindia, the CTO of Ekseli, presented Projectware. The project management application provides two interfaces: the Delivery and Sales Portals. In addition to presenting Projectware, Hindia shared the ways Ekseli engages in the Solid Community. Contributions in various facets are essential for the Solid ecosystem to thrive.

This Solid World was certainly rewarding to see new, consistent, and supportive Solid community members present at Solid World. It’s important to note that Solid welcomes developers of all levels (beginners to seasoned) and those new to the community. If you would like to learn more about presenting at a future Solid World, please fill out this form. As we continue to build on Solid, we also need to give new community members the resources and spaces to be active.


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