6 May 2021 – This month during Solid World, we got to see links between different implementations and applications built using Solid. Each month our community not only grows in size but in solidarity. We heard from three presenters about advanced application features and the server technology that makes them possible.

We kicked off this month’s event with Tim Berners-Lee. He expressed excitement about building an ecosystem that creates opportunities for UX/UI designers, application testers, and others to join our community. He also asked for volunteers to work on the Solid Operating System (OS), if individuals had time. If you are interested, you can visit the Github repository or send a message to the Solid OS Gitter channel.

Next, we got an update from Ruben Verborgh for the Community Solid Server (CSS). He mentioned a hot topic in the community right now, verifiable credentials (VC). Putting down the framework for VC, Ruben went into more detail about how it’s the perfect match to Solid.

After the roadmap updates were the presentations. First, Jackson Morgan from OTeam gave a festive presentation about his new chat application, Liqid Chat. During the event, Jackson opened the app for a hands-on demo by allowing the Solid World attendees to chat during the presentation. By the end of the event, full conversation and gifs were shared without any issues throughout his presentation. In addition, Jackson shared two repos to check out the back end of the application, one for the client and the other on the API.

Next, Christian Buggedei presented Darcy’s two prototypes, the former IBEX and the newest Shepherd. The latest version of the social application helps to onboard those new to the Solid community or ecosystem. It helps from creating a WebID (or account) on Solid to setting up a private feed. Even though they have built a stable application, they are looking for help. Thinking about helping? Click here to get involved with their work.

Lastly, we heard from Aaron Coburn and Jack Lawson from Inrupt, who gave us an update about a Solid feature that helps applications like Jackson’s and Christian’s projects update their users in real-time. This new feature, Notifications, was recently released as part of the version 1.1 launch. We also got to see a demo of just how the notifications function and how fast they are.

We are starting to see how all our work intersects with others and we are noticing just how excited those in the community are about it all. Remember that if you would like to present at a future Solid World, fill out the Solid World speaker form. Lastly, the Solid Team can address any questions, comments, or concerns at

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