04 March 2021 — It was exciting to see the great turnout at March’s Solid World. We continue to grow in the Solid community as reflected in Solid World’s highest attendance ever. During the event, we got to touch on a lot of great ideas related to the growing market of interoperability.

Tim Berners-Lee kicked off the event with shout-outs to last month’s Community Spotlights: Virginia Balseiro for building Women of Solid and Digita for their introduction videos as well as their contributions in discovering and reporting bugs.

Next, Ruben Verborgh gave updates and a demo of the Community Solid Server (CSS). Recently, CSS’s version 0.8 was released with 1.0 on the horizon. He also created a chat from his pod, where attendees were able to engage with during the event.

For Inrupt’s update, Osmar Olivo, VP of Product, gave us a sneak peek that Enterprise Solid Server (ESS) version 1.1 will be released in early spring. He also reminded us to try out and give feedback for Pod Spaces.

Next were our two guest presenters for Solid World. We heard from Dmitri Zagidulin and Liam Broza from LifeScope, who let us know about their work with Solid. They are working on creating a “companion intelligence” by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a digital memory of yourself, one that builds up a more accurate, personalized, and improved experience on the web. They will be using Solid to help with decentralizing their data storage and authorization. You can access their slides here.

Last but not least, we heard from Dick van Gelder from Creafree. He discussed the importance of us coming together as a collective to support and protect intellectual property. Working with existing laws, we can use Solid to build a space for people to create and share their creations. The ability to gather and use all your data with different applications is just a start. You can access his slides here.

We continue to build steps to give individuals, organizations, and developers the ability to use data in a new, innovative, and valuable way. Solid is always growing in size and contributions. As we continue through this year, it will be exciting to see how we can grow in interoperability and integrations together!

In Other News

Community Spotlight

  • Angelo Veltens – For his work testing the chat apps that were posted on the forum recently, and working with the developers to help them pinpoint issues he encountered. Also got back to someone who did not manage to get Solid working in a browser extension a while ago, sharing how he now did manage to do that.

  • Alain Bourgeois – He’s done a great job of keeping NSS up to date as well as supporting a few applications.

Want something mentioned? Contact the Solid team at info@solidproject.org. If you would like to speak at Solid World please fill this form out.

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