1 April 2021 — It’s always fantastic to hear how contributors are improving Solid, its ecosystem, and the community. During Solid World April, we heard from a few server developers about their work with Solid. Before hearing from our presenters, we kicked off the event, getting a high-level overview from Tim Berners-Lee.

Tim commemorated the Web’s 32nd birthday by reflecting on building a better web. He emphasized that Solid is at the forefront of improving the web. Lastly, he shouted out three Community Spotlights, Angelo Veltens, Alain Bourgeois, and Sharon Stratsianis, for their contributions to the Solid community.

Next, we heard a quick update and demo from Ruben Vergborgh regarding the Community Solid Server (CSS). Continuous updates on the CSS are building toward the V1.0 release.

Osmar (Oz) Olivo, the VP of Product at Inrupt, gave Solid World attendees a preview of some release news that will be coming later this month, focused on security. He also mentioned the Swedish Government’s work with Solid, and encouraged users of Inrupt’s products, to fill out their product survey.

Our first guest presenter was Graph Metrix. Kai Gilb and Frederick Gilbert presented their work on Solid. It focused on building a conceptual AI, an ontology, and support of a one-world data model. With these three concepts in mind, they showcased TrinPod, where all your information can live. We saw just how in-depth their work could be with a flow chart and the layers of files, folders, and other information that one person can have. Their targeted use cases center around construction, productivity applications, logistics, and property. It showed versatility and a solution for real-world pain points by leveraging Solid. If you would like to create your own TrinPod, you can sign up for a free account and start using their suite of applications.

Following Graphmetrix was the PDS Interop group (made up of four developers) working with Nextcloud. Yvo Brevoort talked about their journey on Solid by building a Solid Test Suite. It helped them learn about the ecosystem and build a foundation for different servers to be interoperable. They also have two server-related projects, the PHP Solid Server and the Nextcloud Solid Server. They are moving into the next steps in their venture and are looking for help. With that said, if you’re interested, reach out to Yvo Brevoort.

Our final presenter was Antonio Rodríguez Santiesteban from Spoter.ME. He explained how they are building a Solid Pod Provider that is scalable, resilient and has open microservices architecture. The demo showcased how to access your Pod and add files and other information to it. With the Pod provider up and running, they invite users, application developers, and application providers to test it out; if you would like to, reach out to them at info@spoter.me.

Solid World brought great presenters and showcased how different Solid services are. From seeing interoperability between servers, test-users are getting their foot in the door. If you would like to present at a future Solid World, fill out the Solid World speaker form. Lastly, the Solid Team can address any questions, comments, or concerns at info@solidproject.org.

In Other News

  • Solid Networking Event – Friday, April 30, 2021 at 10 AM Eastern Time

Community Spotlight

  • Sharon Stratsianis for her work on SolidOS.

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