How can I get involved?

Solid is a burgeoning technology that is already being applied in the real-world to solve practical problems, introducing exciting new ways for people to control their data and extract value from it.

The Solid ecosystem evolves and expands thanks to the efforts of the Solid Community. Get a pod and try out some of the applications created by the community. Check out some of the exciting work underway in several prestigious Research Labs across the world.

There is much more work to do, and many exciting problems left to solve. We invite and encourage you to join in!

Engage with the Community

Contribute to the ecosystem

For organizations interested in how Solid can help address specific problems or use cases, email the Solid Team at, and we’ll be happy to provide some guidance.

Contribute to the Specification

The Solid Specification consists of several Technical Reports (TR), each of which is edited by a Solid panel. Anyone can propose changes, identify problems, or suggest new use cases by filing an issue via GitHub, or by submitting pull requests.

For more information, see the specification page.