Getting started as a Solid developer

To get started with Solid, you will need a Solid Pod and a WebID. You can either use an existing Pod provider or run your own server.

Using an existing Pod provider

You can create a Solid Pod with an existing provider. For a list of existing Pod providers, see Solid Pod providers.

Running your own server

The following open-source servers are available, if you want to run your own:

For instructions on:

Developing your first app

Once you are set up with your own Pod and WebID, you’re ready to develop your own app. Various Solid client libraries may provide a tutorial for beginners; for example, Inrupt offers the JS Client Library tutorial, and O.Team offers the Solid-React-LDO tutorial.

Community assistance

Check out some of the existing applications. Some interesting approaches follow:

  • PodOS (Web Components)
  • solid-uix (Native Web Components)

Solid with web frameworks:

You can also look into the Solid apps at:

Youtube videos: