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Hi! We’re the Solid Community Group (CG) of the W3C. The purpose of this document is to help readers orient themselves with the activities of the Solid CG.

The CG has a charter.

The Solid CG’s technical reports (TR) include specifications, use cases and requirements, best practices and guidelines, primers and notes about the Solid ecosystem.

Work Items

The aims of the Solid project are in line with those of the Web itself: empowerment towards an equitable, informed and interconnected society. Solid adds to existing Web standards to realise a space where individuals can maintain their autonomy, control their data and privacy, and choose applications and services to fulfil their needs.

The information in these documents may be subject to change, therefore please see each document’s publication status and versions for further details. You are invited to contribute any feedback, comments, or questions you might have.

Linked Data aware applications can view the Solid Technical Reports Knowledge Graph.

Technical Reports
Work Item Repository Current Stage
Solid Protocol CG-DRAFT, v0.11.0
Solid WebID Profile CG-DRAFT, v1.0.0
Solid-OIDC v0.1.0
HTTPSig Authentication for Solid CG-DRAFT
Web Access Control CG-DRAFT, v1.0.0
Access Control Policy v0.9.0
Solid Application Interoperability Editor’s Draft
Shape Trees Editor’s Draft
Solid DID Method Unofficial Draft
Solid Notifications Protocol CG-DRAFT, v0.3.0
EventSourceChannel2023 Editor’s Draft
LDNChannel2023 v1.0.0, Editor’s Draft
StreamingHTTPChannel2023 Editor’s Draft
WebSocketChannel2023 Editor’s Draft
WebhookChannel2023 Editor’s Draft
Solid-PREP Editor’s Draft
Solid Chat v1.0.0, Editor's Draft
Solid QA CG-DRAFT, v0.3.0
Solid Security Considerations CG-DRAFT, v0.1.0
Solid OIDC Primer v0.1.0
Authorization Use Cases and Requirements Editor’s Draft
Authorization Use Cases Survey Unofficial Draft
Solid Application Interoperability: Application Primer Unofficial Proposal Draft
Solid Application Interoperability: Authorization Agent Primer Unofficial Proposal Draft

The Test Suites support the Technical Reports:

Test Suites
Work Item Repository Current Stage
Test Suite TBD
Specification Tests TBD

Notification Channel Type Registry

In order to help with the discovery of notification channel types that can be used with the Solid Notifications Protocol, it is encouraged to register them for maximum global interoperability.

To update the registry table an implementer MUST submit a modification request for this index as a pull request at the repository, which includes the following information:

The URL of the document that specifies the notification channel type.
The name of the notification channel type.
The IRI of the notification channel type.
A short English description of the notification channel type.
Notification Channel Types
Specification IRI Description
EventSourceChannel2023 A notification channel type that uses the EventSource Web API.
LDNChannel2023 A notification channel type that uses the Linked Data Notifications protocol.
StreamingHTTPChannel2023 A notification channel type that uses the Fetch API.
WebhookChannel2023 A notification channel type that uses Webhooks.
WebSocketChannel2023 A notification channel type that uses the WebSocket API.


It’s easy to join the CG if you’d like to contribute to the Solid project. Please note that in order to join, you’ll need to request a W3C account if you don’t already have one.

We publish a list of current participants on our W3C page.

The Solid CG conducts all technical work in public, mainly in various repositories of the Solid organisation but also in text chat, periodic teleconferences and face-to-face meetings.

Code of Conduct

Please note that all work and communication within the Solid CG is covered by the Solid Code of Conduct as well as the Positive Work Environment at W3C: Code of Conduct.